5K Display Resolution Market | Share, Growth Insights with Global Forecast To 2027

5K Display Resolution Market Analysis also highlights the impact of COVID 19 on the global market and the essential dynamics that support its growth and opportunities


A New Market Study, titled “5K Display Resolution Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on Market Research Future.

The 5K display resolution market is quadrupling profusely. 5K display resolution technology is most commonly used in computer monitors, reaching other market areas rapidly. The market is driven by the broad uptake of the display in burgeoning industries, including retail, consumer electronics, advertisements, and education. Besides, the growing demand from the consumer electronics segment increases the size of the market. 

Moreover, the growing usages of 5K display resolution in digital cinematography escalate the growth of the market. According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global 5K display resolution market is poised to create an exponential revenue pocket by 2023, posting an impressive CAGR during the assessment period (2017 – 2023).  5K displays are also extensively used in the gaming entertainment sector, accelerating the growth of the market. 

5K displays are also extensively used in 3D display phones, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices, which further fuels market growth. Additionally, the recent shift of manufacturing sectors towards 5K display resolution boosts the growth of the market. Conversely, the high cost of the 5K display resolution technology is a major factor projected to impede the market growth. Nevertheless, future technological upgrades would support market growth, improving technology further, and presenting cost-effective solutions. 

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Global 5K Display Resolution Market   – Segmentations

The report is segmented into four dynamics; 

By Product       : Monitors, Televisions, Cameras, Laptops, Smartphones Tablets, and others. 

By Resolution5120 × 2160 Resolution, 5120 × 2700 Resolution, 5120 × 2880 Resolution, 5120 × 3200 Resolution, 5120 × 3840 Resolution, 5120 × 4096 Resolution, and others. 

By ApplicationRetail, Consumer Electronics, Advertisements, Education, and others. 

By Regions      : Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, and the Rest-of-the-World.

5K Display Resolution Market   – Geographical Analysis

The Asia Pacific region dominates the global 5K display resolution market. Factors positively impacting market growth include technological advancements and the increasing use of mobile devices in the region. Besides, the rapid urbanization and expanding manufacturing sector led by the improving economy in the region drive the growth of the market. 

Moreover, the extensive uptake of 5K display resolution in some of the proliferating industries such as healthcare, automotive, and defense helps the region witness healthy growth in the years to come. Continuing with the same growth opportunities, the APAC region would retain its dominance throughout the review period.

The North America 5K display resolution market takes the second lead, globally.  The market growth is fostered by the increasing investments transpired into the development of technology and product. Additionally, the presence of noteworthy market players with the ability to develop cutting-edge display technologies drives the growth of the regional market. Besides, the increasing uptake of 5K displays in the healthcare sector pushes the market growth.

The 5K display resolution market in the European region is emerging as a promising market globally. Factors such as the augmenting demand for 5K display resolution from burgeoning industries such as defense, healthcare, aerospace, and automotive boost the regional market growth. Indeed, the resurging economy in Europe contributes to the growth of the market, supporting the proliferation of end-user industries.  

5K Display Resolution Market   – Competitive Landscape

Fiercely competitive, the 5K display resolution market appears fragmented due to the presence of several dynamic international players. These players invest substantially to drive innovations and to develop a cost-competitive portfolio. They seek market expansion through strategic initiatives such as MA, collaboration, expansion, and product launch. 

They acquire promising companies from emerging regions to improve their market performance. Immense revenue generation opportunities demonstrated by this market attract several new entrants. However, they find it further challenging to survive while competing with the latest technologies developed by the already established players. 

Major Players:

Players leading the 5K display resolution market include Apple Inc. (US), Dell Inc. (US), LG Electronics Inc. (South Korea), HP (US), Philips (Netherlands), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Sharp Corporation (Japan), Red Digital Cinema Camera Company (US), Sony Corporation (Japan), and Canon Inc. (Japan), among others. 

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News

September 17, 2020 — GoPro (the US), a leading global action camera brand, launched its new Hero 9 Black camera with 5K resolution support and front display screen. The new camera has a large number of advanced features and upgrades, such as the ability to shoot videos in 5K resolution.

 July 03, 2020 — Cinera Edge (the US), a personal cinema headset with a 5K OLED display. Cinera Edge is the world’s first personal cinema HMD that features a 5K(ish)-resolution display and Dolby Surround Sound. It has a screen that measures less than an inch sounds ridiculous in the modern world, but the Cinera Edge compensates by cramming it up to within an inch of the viewers’ eyeballs.

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