Which captains are available in Madden 21 Ultimate Team for rookies to choose

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Players who like to play Madden 21 Ultimate Team most likely like the freedom of this mode. They also need to choose a captain to lead the team after choosing their own players. There are currently four powerful captains in Madden 21. Players in need are best to buy some MUT 21 Coins first and then choose the most suitable one based on the chemical reaction in their team. Especially for rookie players, making this choice requires more consideration.

Different from previous Madden games, EA have added the concept of team chemistry to Madden 21, so competitive players cannot simply put the strongest players together as before, because the chemical reaction may be Not as good as a team with a reasonable lineup. This difference is even more obvious in actual games. If players are not satisfied with their existing captains, they can change at any time. Generally speaking, the captain will become the player’s best player on the team that year.

Eddie George used to be the cover star of Madden 2001. He has a speed, acceleration, and power rating of 85. He can pose a great threat to opponents on the court. Three-time Super Bowl champion Ed McCaffrey is very good at passing and serving. He often helps his teammates complete beautiful offenses in unexpected ways. La Roy Glover is a great defensive superstar, and it’s difficult for big players to do this. Although Aeneas Williams has a good overall performance, he is not the best candidate for captain.

In the end, players still have to choose. Players who prefer offense, defense, or overall can choose a player with a corresponding advantage to be the captain. They should Buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS, which can save a lot of money. If they successfully configure the team, then fight!


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