I was thinking that Runescape should be able to have a pet ability

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Fill the remaining spaces with ess. As normal, craft your first rune trip and then teleport to rc guild. Once you are there, head down to the basement RS 2007 Fire Cape. Talk to Sedridor ( i think thats the name) and tele to the rune Ess Mine. Be sure to have an inventory complete of all ess prior to you can teleport to the Rc altar.

Continue the previous 4 steps until all of your tablets are used up. rcxp, miningxp, and almost no running. This method seems simple and fast, although I have not tried it. To gain access to the legendary orb and the guild, this method needs 50 runecrafting. Also, it will require time to collect enough tokens to make sufficient tablets. This could mean that you might be better off spending your time in water tallys that you can sell. But, it's worth considering. We hope you find it helpful.

So basically I've tried to increase my Magic level by playing RuneScape for the majority of the day. Sals CC helped me to learn more about the limits of the Grand Exchange on the products you can purchase. There were many posts that claimed I was incompetent, fraud or even a novice.

All I needed was someone to purchase my things off the G.E. They would either sell the items to me for the same cost, or they could earn a profit of 10k. I have attended several chats on merchanting Buy OSRS Power Leveling, Runescape C.C and the G.Es for worlds 1 and 3, and some other ones, but received the exact same response.


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