WoW Classic players are frustrated by the high price of account services

WoW Classic players are frustrated by the high price of account services

As we all know, Blizzard launched World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic on June 1, and also adjusted the price of its deluxe version and new account services, which made many players feel very uneasy about the price. Players know that WoW Classic is a free supplement to any regular World of Warcraft subscription. It imitates the MMO that existed in 2006, allowing the first expansion of World of Warcraft to reproduce the way it was then, providing World of Warcraft Classic players with a new continent to explore, and players can hone more in the game. In the levels, experience a series of other exciting changes, such as flying mounts.

Players can subscribe to Burning Crusade Classic in the regular World of Warcraft. But when players enter Burning Crusade and want to use optional account services, they need to pay a certain fee. If the player wants to play the TBC Classic Gold game on the WoW Classic and Burning Crusade servers at the same time, the player can clone a character for $35. But this high price makes players feel very uneasy.

After the patch is released, all WoW Classic players must make a permanent choice: advance their character to Burning Crusade, or choose to keep the character included in the original World of Warcraft Classic version. Those players who enter Burning Crusade will stay on the same server and enjoy all the new features and areas added when the game launches. Those who choose to stay will be transferred to the classic new server, where the level is capped at 60, and no new features will be added.

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However, if the player wants to play the game on these two servers at the same time, then the player can pay to clone a single character to two sets of servers. This will create a version played on the Burning Crusade Classic server and a separate version played on the regular WoW Classic server. Compared with other MMOs, World of Warcraft's account service is overpriced and outrageous. More importantly, by forcing players to pay for the same roles on Burning Crusade and regular WoW Classic servers, it arbitrarily splits the community and creates pressure to follow most people to join Burning Crusade.

Players also criticized the price of the Classic TBC Gold deluxe version, which is as high as $70, but only includes some cosmetics, character level upgrades and one month of game time. This is even higher than the cost of the Shadowlands Extended Special Edition. As a World of Warcraft player who may have spent thousands of dollars on subscription fees and expansions over the years, this is terrible. In fact, players can increase their strength and get a better gaming experience by buying cheap TBC Classic Gold on MMOWTS.


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