Educational Standards Are Rapidly Growing in New Zealand

New Zealand; a country that is known for being peaceful and pluralistic. However, these are not the only parameters based on which they stand out among other countries, their education system and standards remain of the highest quality.

According to Pearson (a London-based publishing company), New Zealand ranked the eighth position in The Learning Curve Global Education report, among 40 other countries. This is quite impressive, isn’t it? Not just that, they not only offer a brilliant education for their natives but also welcome international students through numerous scholarships to share this enriching learning experience.

What Makes New Zealand the Best in Terms of Education?

New Zealand is also known as the country which offers a great percentage of public funding in education makes it rank at the top in the world when it comes to education. 

This is because of multiple reasons;


Everyone Gets a Chance at Quality Education:

As mentioned previously, New Zealand invests in its public schools a lot. There are many private institutes but since they give more attention to the public schools so there is no discrepancy and compromise on quality. One can receive a quality education regardless of your financial limitations. Most parents are happily willing to send their kids off to public schools.


More Creativity, Less Redundancy:

Unlike most of the schools around the world that stick to one format of teaching students, New Zealand has a different approach where kids are given more space to explore. They are allowed to learn both academically and practically. This not only helps them to get educated but also gives them an edge when they go out in the workforce.


The Impeccable Higher Education System of New Zealand:

With a higher rate of expenditure on public education, New Zealand has succeeded in establishing a powerful center for quality education, especially for higher education.

  • New Zealand has a total of 8 universities, ranked top in the 3% of the universities worldwide.
  • In 22 different subjects, New Zealand is ranked under the top 50 universities around the world.
  • Seven out of the eight universities offer studies in a broad range of subjects including arts, sciences, engineering, etc.


New Zealand education system is rapidly growing because of many reasons such as;


Internationally Valued Qualifications:

All the eight universities of New Zealand are ranked and globally recognized as well. One of the things that a student would probably look for while searching for a country to study would be how well they are recognized in the world. The NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) is working towards ensuring that international students are enrolled in universities providing quality education. They also have websites providing the assignment help that an international student may need so you don’t have to worry if you are the one.


Unmatchable Research Opportunities:

Research boosts innovation and creativity and also plays a vital role in higher education. If you are someone having a keen interest in research then New Zealand is the right destination for you. With a supremely qualified faculty, advanced technology, and fully equipped laboratories, New Zealand is perfect for many students.


Work Study at the Same Time:

New Zealand gives international students the opportunity to work even in their undergraduate. If you are a Master's or Doctorate student, you will be allowed to work as a full-time employee.


Final Words:

New Zealand has witnessed a sharp rise in its educational standards particularly because they focus more on learning and innovation.

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