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I tried convincing him that O.N. I tried to rs 2007 gold convince him that O.N. was dead IRL but he would not stop asking me about his GP losses. I shook him and informed him that he had lost a black pickaxe and the dragon platebody. Conversation to be uploaded soon. Do you think that Runescape is as welcoming as ever? Or do you think they are less friendly?

Personality - I often ignore people. But, try to see things through their eyes. They think they're awesome and smart, which means they're just dumb. Then they say something stupid and I want to punch them. It's an EFFIN GAMES that many people aren't aware of. When i get an A in algebra 2, and they are getting an F in remidial math, they will be laughing because THEY have 110 combat.

Disclaimer - I do not actively participate in these naive glitches. I have 150m+ in assets, and I don't need anything silly to put the hammer in my face. Please stop accusing me of cheating or do such things. THIS IS NOT THE 25K TRICK z0mg!

Pewpew, I haven't updated for over a year as I'm very inactive now playing runescape. I'll be sharing the glitch in pvp with everyone. Contrary to the topic's host who only alerted users to the bannings, this actually is the situation. The glitch is now fixed. Ignorants should not even attempt to use it. A few friends discovered the glitch first, and the glitch was discovered by more people.

The people continued to die from the potential, being able to lose "300k" per death, and earning money. Jagex found the issue and was able to fix it. The banhammer* was later released, closely following easter. The banhammer* advised that people were not allowed to go to work on Tuesday because of cheap RS gold the possibility of being banned.


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