Varicose Veins: What Can Be The Further Complications?

Some of the symptoms you already noticed maybe the size and color of your leg veins. This is normally a more generous deep darkish-colored vein that protrudes out from the leg.

Some of the symptoms you already noticed maybe the size and color of your leg veins. This is normally a more generous deep darkish-colored vein that protrudes out from the leg. It is common for the vein to crave and be somewhat sore. These veins also end in inflammation and scarring of the skin. Such conditions need vein treatment at a certified vein center.


You must also be carefu


l when scratching because this can cause open sores. Besides all of this, there is heaviness within the legs and puffiness of the ankles requiring varicose vein treatment long island.


Most people consider varicose veins as a cosmetic problem but it is not. If they are not eliminated in time, can cause more serious issues, here some of the hidden dangers given below: 


Blood Clot:


Blood clots are common with varicose veins. While most of the clots are found in superficial veins, they can sometimes move into deeper veins which can be fatal as the clot can easily find its way into the bloodstream and into your lungs. In the lungs, the clot will cause pulmonary embolism which is life-threatening. Such a type of condition requires immediate consultation with a vein specialist at vein centers li.


In some cases, the blood clot can develop in the vein bringing about a state known as thrombophlebitis. When you suffer from the condition you tend to feel heated and the blood veins are painful and red. You can effectively deal with the problem with the help of a vein doctor li at vein center long island.


Leg Ulcers:


What you may think to be a simple condition can aggravate and bring about swelling in the legs. Over time, the veins will cause hyperpigmentation or even darkening of the skin. At this time you will experience painful venous leg ulcers which are said to be the last stages of venous disease. These ulcers usually develop on the inner leg usually above the ankle.

Consider the varicose vein treatment near me long island to get rid of them permanently.




Varicose veins near the surface of the skin can easily bleed if you cut or bump your leg. In most cases, it's normally hard to prevent this bleeding which can end in you losing a lot of blood. Get immediate vein treatment Lindenhurst by a vein specialist li.


Chronic Venous Insufficiency:


When the blood in your veins doesn't flow properly you tend to interfere with the way that your skin interacts with the blood. For example, it will intervene with the process that your skin exchanges nutrients, waste products, and oxygen with the blood. Get the vein treatment Hamptons to have healthy blood circulation.


If you intrude on the exchange for a long time you will experience chronic venous insufficiency. Therefore, get the vein treatment near me by a vein specialist Jericho only in time as over time, chronic venous insufficiency may result in conditions such as varicose eczema, venous ulcers, and lipodermatosclerosis.


Getting Rid Of the Veins the Natural Way:


To avoid the above complications you need to get rid of the veins as soon as possible. To avoid the side effects that come with the various treatment options you should go for natural treatment options. The most effective ways that you can use include: oranges, castor oil, guava, apple cider vinegar, and mustard oil.




This is what you require to understand about varicose veins. Since the veins have the potential of being harmful to you, you should ensure that you first consult your doctor before you take measures to treat them.

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