Animal Crossing players can look forward to a new game chair with AC as the theme

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Due to the success of the game, a new type of game chair with AC as the theme has been launched, whether it is a fan of extremely high comfort or Nintendo's lovely Animal Crossing franchise, it can be happy. In the past 12 months, the popularity of Nintendo’s life simulation game series has surged. The release of New Horizons in March last year coincided with the beginning of some of the toughest lockdown measures to help stop the Animal Crossing Bells spread of COVID-19. Therefore, people seek a comfortable and conducive environment to be juxtaposed with the real world news torrent.

A big part of the game’s appeal is the exquisite creation and dedication that fans can make on their Animal Crossing: New Horizon island. Now, when fans let their in-house designers use many objects, tools, and beautifying environments in Animal Crossing: New Horizon to make them crazy, they can wear fit and ergonomics. British retailer Argos currently has X Rocker's cutest gaming chair, inspired by the island life of Animal Crossing. The chair is called "Animal Crossing-Country Version", and it is emitted in beautiful bright blue, and the friendly scene shows everyone's favorite island residents. Tom Nook is also there. Argos describes the Animal Crossing rocker as a "soft and comfortable seat" and ideal for "a clean surface that is easy to keep clean on the foldable body", which is ideal for gaming in a small space. However, the website subsequently continued to mention that this foldable chair is actually aimed at junior gamers.

The advent of the Animal Crossing gaming chair is not the only benefit from a wholesome franchise. Fans can now also wear a comfortable animal crossing dodo bomber jacket, which is ideal when the weather turns, and can also order figurines to decorate the island’s residents.

Although daily life is still in a generally chaotic state, Animal Crossing: New Horizon continues to provide the comprehensive comfort that many people desire today. Hopefully, in the next few months, everything will gradually return to a state similar to normal, but until then, at least gamers can wait for it in comfort and style.

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