While you could call me snowflake however,

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It was also an excellent illustration of community involvement. The Treasury provided the prize pool by granting the sum of 105k AION. The community voted to donate 25% of the prize pool to aion classic kinah the family of SavageMine, and 20k AION to help the family during this time of need.

While you could call me snowflake however, I find open-world pvp far more difficult than when I first started playing it 10 years ago. This is probably due to me playing competitive games with an even playing field, and where skill is the key to who wins. I was once like, "Well, just take your time" and then just accept it. Additionally, I would like to say that I am a fan of aion and enjoyed more advanced pvp like Tiamaranta's eye or organized PVP such as the coliseum. It's much easier to keep everyone on the same page and also more competitive.

The significance of pvp lies in the order of class gear skills. Being killed by an ally or sin 100 times when I'm farming mobs with 20% HP is getting ever more frustrating. It's difficult to believe that one could get content killing people who are poor-leveled, inexperienced and unequipped. Although I am aware the importance of taking this risk in a PVPVE area It seems that a lot of people aren't interested in real competition.

There were times that I've met people who just wanted to say hi to me, while just trying to cultivate. For instance, a purple flew by me, but there was nothing wrong with me being killed by him. There are many other instances where I'm 1v3 ganked, killed , or beat by a twink or by a person 10or more levels above me. It's obvious that twinks are designed to intimidate people they know are easy to beat. The reason is that the majority of people are still level, and the only people who are able to do this are the whales and no-lifers. But, this is how aion has always been looking back.

Edit: I'm sorry to those who are on the other side. I appreciate the argument. I was an avid twinkler for a long time. However, I've lost the appeal and enjoyment of a one-sided dunking.

Wow My dudes! Aion Classic is flourishing due to those who love this aspect of the game. This is the reason why there isn't any OWPvPvE games that are OWPvE-based.

"They made rift changes and the rest is history." Then the game was over. It's been less than one month. Let it go. People who re-joined to the harrowing OWPvPvE environment are euro aion classic buy kinah likely to enjoy for a while, before it is ripped up once more.


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