Complexity-Limit takes the lead in the WoW Race to World First event

Complexity-Limit takes the lead in the WoW Race to World First event

The Champion of Race to World First, Complexity-Limit, is still in the lead after a full day of competition in WoW RWF Sanctum of Domination. Since the weekly server maintenance time has not been extended, Limit has gained a great advantage in the early days. Within 24 hours, Limit had been able to kill five bosses in a raid and was working hard to knock down Painsmith Raznal.

During the match between Castle Nathria and Ny'alotha, Limit was prevented from entering the raid for several hours due to server maintenance delays. Fortunately for them, the server was up quickly this time, and yesterday's TBC Classic Gold maintenance lasted only about 30 minutes.

WoW Mythical Raid is released during the weekly reset in each region. For top European guilds like Echo, this means that they will enter Sanctum about 16 hours after the restricted game. However, Echo is ready to prove that the lead is not important. Echo has surpassed all other North American guilds and easily sits in second place, having just killed the fifth boss of the instance.

Although Limit is leading, the guild is not the first to kill many bosses in the instance. At the beginning of the game a few days ago, Limit took some time to deal with some in-game chores before entering the raid, which would eventually help them further into the instance. With restrictions on playing long-term scams, Soniqs Imperative took full advantage of their opportunities to sneak into some of the world's best boss killings.

Before entering the raid, Imperative did not ensure that all their roles were optimized as much as possible, but decided to knock down some easier bosses in the dungeon in order to accumulate some kills worth writing on their resumes. The top priority is the first guild in the world to kill Tarraglu, the Eye of the Jailer, and the Guild of the Nine. The guild easily passed the first few bosses in relatively few attempts. But even the fourth Boss Soulrender Dormazian of the WOW Classic TBC Gold instance requires 26 restrictions to complete the encounter.

Echo killed the boss in just a few times. At the same time, Limit's attempt at Painsmith Raznal seemed difficult for the team. After 24 attempts, the guild only allowed the boss's health to be slightly lower than 65%. If this boss proves to be an obstacle to the guild, it may be one of the early obstacles the guild faces in RWF. If you want to kill this Boss smoothly, then you should visit MMOWTS immediately to purchase legal WOW Classic TBC Gold to enhance your strength.


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