Path of Exile: One-Week Mayhem

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In December of this year, GGG arranged three epic tournaments for players in Path of Exile for testing. We have planned for a week of chaos, a week of endless stealth and a three week of robbery flashbacks to keep the lay bell ringing during the holiday season until the endgame expansion in January. Before the challenge, players can Buy POE Currency to gain sufficient strength.

December 4 One-Week Mayhem
The event absorbed the classic Path of Exile League modifier from anarchy, invasion, breakthrough, ambush, torture, and pioneer. In each area, you will encounter one of the following situations: 20 gangsters, 20 safes, 20 invading bosses, 10 breaches, 20 tortured spirits or 20 pioneers. Every area in Wraeclast will have one of these mods. The modules owned by an area are changed every hour.

Chaos event prizes
In different versions of the event, the top five in each superior category will be awarded a brand new demi-god and semi-official. The authority of each demigod will show your activity level. For each version of the Mayhem event, the top five contestants in each Ascendancy category will be awarded these awards. During the event, changing your advantage category will be disabled.

Twilight Mystery Box
In the "Chaos Event", you will automatically get a "Twilight Mystery" box that reaches level 50. This is a guaranteed reward and can only be used once per account per activity. Grading multiple characters in the same event will not grant multiple mysterious boxes.

Random lottery micro transaction
Players will participate in a random draw. These prizes are drawn randomly and shared in all versions of the event. Micro-transaction prizes will not be automatically awarded based on meeting the level requirements. A lottery will be drawn at the end of the event. Leveling multiple characters in the same event will increase your chances of winning one of the random draws. You can also purchase POE Currency to enhance your character's strength.

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