Avansies are good money (And Xp) from 70+ Range

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Avansies are good money (And Xp) from 70+ Range, therefore that OSRS gold I don't know why you aren't getting at least 300k a hour. If you're getting that, and whining, then nothing in RS is great enough for you. But here is other things I have found to be adequate money manufacturers...

Green Dragons at Chaos Tunnels, as soon as you're able to locate a world with no bot murdering everything. Clan Wars is getting too crowded. Fire Giants in Waterfall Dung will also be superior money/Xp. Zammorack Warriors (Which PaladinPker enjoys apparently) are found in the Chaos Tunnels and shed Rune Scims basically every kill. I have been there on my main, and in my pure. I utilized the Prayer Pot method on my Pure, although I could just tank the strikes my primary (It was with 99 Def.) Ghostly Warriors or w/e they are called at the portal following Spirit of Summer are also nice. I'm not sure what way that you utilize (Prayer/Tanking), because I have never had experience with Zerkers.

Jangerberry/Whiteberry/Ranar/alternative respawning items that require no skills. Brine Rats if you've completed the quest that provides DEF Xp!? So pissed that I can't do it in my own pure. Love these things. Theiving from Master Farming using Gloves of Silence. Time for a few generic answers: Hunting Red Chins/ / Implings/Barrows/GWDS/ / Slayer/Dag Kings/Corp/KBD/etc, etc.. Things everyone understand, but still don't do them.

Ranging Blue Dragons at Taverly Dungeon. If you've got 65 Agility, simply have a Summer Pie, eat it and then use the shortcut next to the ladder when you input. Inventory should be: Fally Tele tabs (Or Runes), Summer Pie, Terriorbird Pouch and Scrolls (If you hate walking like I do.) Farming, look a manual.

Dailies, look a guide. I heard stealing from Old School RS Gold these Ninja Monkeys was good money, but that requires completing some quest, and I don't have any idea if it is hard/requirements/etc.


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