How to Install Security Camera

Tips for an Effective Security Camera Installation

Once seen only at banks and retail stores' check-out desks, you now see CCTV security cameras everywhere, at restaurants, gas stations, traffic intersections, and nearly every conceivable business and venue. Nowadays, security cameras have been paired with technological advancements, such as the internet, automation, and cloud computing, to extend their capabilities. With this advanced technology, these cameras are now in use at both commercial and residential buildings.

Suppose you are looking to increase the surveillance of your home or office. In that case, you should install these highly efficient security cameras. Although, follow these tips for an effective security camera installation before starting the process.

Find the Best Spot

Find the best spots to position the cameras. Place them at the spot where they can cover the space that you want them to survey. For example, putting them at the corners of your buildings will create blind-spots and restrict your cameras' views. In order to break into homes, burglars usually use back doors, back windows, and basement doors and windows. To view these places, your cameras should be placed in the right spot. Intruders also use the front door to trespass, so add a camera to watch the area and restrict any mail or package theft incidents.

Don’t Overlook the Lighting

It is highly recommended to ensure that there is consistent and appropriate lighting in the area under surveillance for the camera to be able to pick up distinguishing and small details, such as facial features. A CCTV camera will be of no use if it isn't capable of picking up the smaller details. So, don't overlook the lighting around the area. Although, consider using a night-vision capable CCTV camera when you don't have adequate lighting in your place.

Consider Video Management

CCTV cameras collect data. You need some location and a way to retrieve the data to send it. Would the data go to hard-drive storage or storage in the cloud? Do you have enough space for all the data to be held? If a burglary happens and you need to send the police a video file, how can you retrieve the data? When you prepare for your CCTV surveillance camera installation, these are significant considerations you must make.

Seek Professional Advice

For your house, you may need a simple surveillance device and it may be enough however it is highly recommended to seek the advice of professionals. Experienced installers live and breathe video surveillance. They are experts when it comes to installing a CCTV system for your home, particularly for your company, and as such, they will know things to do and look for that you probably won't. If you do not employ them to work their magic for you, you can at least consider relying on their expert advice. It could potentially save you money to talk to a professional surveillance camera installer and you will be able to get the optimal results for your home or company.

Hire Only a Reputable Camera Installer

When trying to employ a surveillance camera installer, don't go for a cheap one. Go for the expert and established. Don’t compromise on the security of your home or company. Your friend who installs surveillance cameras as his side-job may cost you less, but when he moves on, gets a promotion at his real job, or finds another side-gig, he will not probably be able to support you later. When you encounter an installer, ask for a license from him. CCTV installers are required by many states to carry licenses. So, do your homework and hire only a professional and reputable CCTV camera installer.

Set Up Motion Detection

You have little time to track your cameras 24-7 or watch the video for hours, so make sure you get a motion detection camera. Some cameras allow you to set certain areas to track for motion in the field of view of your camera.

How to Install Security Camera- For instance, when something comes to your door, you will be notified and alerted. Although it works so efficiently that it will not bother you when a cat runs through your yard. So, after CCTV camera installation, decide what kind of operation you want to track and trigger the necessary function on your smart camera.

Secure the Equipment

You need to make sure that your CCTV camera system is safe from outside hacking or intrusion. Change its default passwords, factory settings, and use any protection feature that your device may have. To initiate DDoS attacks, web-based cameras have long been hijacked. So, make sure to protect your CCTV camera system. You can also discuss this thing with the camera installer, he may guide you on how to protect the system.


Generally, do your homework first if you're looking to install a video surveillance device for your home or business place. Ask yourself why you think cameras are needed and answer that. Equipped with the above tips, you should be well on the way to deciding what your security camera system should look like and which device is perfect for you.

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