Unlike many seasonal events the main appeal of May Day

Unlike many seasonal events the main appeal of May Day

Unlike many seasonal events, the main appeal of May Day isn't to be had in players' towns. Instead, the maze is placed on a special island accessed through flying with New Horizons' Dodo Airlines. To get a May Day Ticket, gamers need best communicate with Orville at the airline the front desk. The ticket can then be used any day between April 29 and May 7 to fly for a unmarried time to Animal Crossing Items  the May Day Tour island. This is a exchange from May Day 2020, when players had to first communicate with Tom Nook earlier than heading to the airport.

For those who completed the Animal Crossing May Day maze remaining 12 months, the map may not be the equal this time, and Rover will offer a new prize (SPOILER AHEAD - a picture of Rover - END SPOILER). However, folks that started playing after the event or in any other case never finished the first maze venture will acquire Rover's 2020 prize instead. Because the May Day Tour island can best be visited as soon as, new gamers will ought to exchange for the 2021 prize or entire the mission once more next yr which will get hold of each.

When journeying to the May Day Tour island, it's miles crucial to recollect that all stock objects might be briefly removed for the direction of the maze project. Players can most effective bring their creativity to Buy Animal Crossing Items  solve the maze's puzzles with the resources available to them at the island. This Animal Crossing: New Horizons seasonal event is ideal for people who experience a greater online game-y task, in place of a simple vacation celebration.


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