Is Eco-Cleaning Right for Your Office?

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If reducing your company's impact on the earth and environment is possible, isn't it something you want to do? If yes, don't forget to consider how your office janitorial service handles its duties. In marquee locations like Wall Street and Midtown Manhattan, NYC office cleaning companies are increasingly providing eco cleaning services. They use more modern products with gentler formulas that are still safe and effective. Replacing disposable items with reusable ones is also a step in the right direction. The goal is to cut down on paper and plastic waste to reduce trash generated by cleaning.


Each year, the number of companies adopting environmental and sustainability goals increases for good reasons. If your company is one of them, moving to green cleaning as eco-friendly services are also called is in line with your goals. When you have a high-quality janitorial service, they can produce the same results within your budget using eco-friendly methods. It's something you can feel good about while you have the peace of mind your office is being cleaned up to the highest standards. Staying within your budget while producing superior results is what you should expect from your contractor.


There was a time not long ago when green cleaning products struggled to produce the results of their traditional counterparts. But that has changed today, and you'll see a range of EPA-registered formulas that have fewer strong chemicals and harsh odors. They clean impressively, and while some may cost a bit more, they are not generally at out-of-reach prices. If you happen to be onsite when cleaning technicians are at work, you'll notice the lighter and fresher aroma of the products in use. They're easier on the body and senses, and that makes them more agreeable to most people. You'll like the results.


High-traffic areas and focal points around your office need more routine deep cleaning (sometimes also called detailing). If your building has them, entryways and elevators are noticed by all who enter. They make a good impression that your offices are well cleaned; they need to be in excellent condition – free from fingerprints, smudges, and grime. The same goes for reception desks and waiting rooms. Keeping them tidy impresses people and speaks well of your company. Continuing to make excellent impressions on clients and visitors is always good for business. A good cleaning service is a wise investment.


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