Things You Need to Know about Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, a skilled and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Aestiva Plastic Surgery Clinic, can create more breas-t profile using tailored techniques as per the woman's unique needs.

Gravity and increasing age cause the breasts to lose natural elasticity resulting in sagging and hanging breasts. Many a times, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, nursing also contributes to the change in breast profile. Breast lift is a safe and effective treatment that corrects the imperfect shape and sagging breasts.


The female breast reduction and breast lift surgery in Delhi, at Aestiva Plastic Surgery Clinic, helps the breasts to restore a more youthful position. Many people opt for breast lift surgery along with breas-t augmentation to add volume, if desired.


Learn more about the benefits and techniques of breast lift surgery provided by Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, at, Aestiva Plastic Surgery Clinic in Delhi:

1. Improve the breas-t contour after weight loss: Weight loss often causes a loss in breast volume. A breas-t lift can help to restore and change the proportions and provides youthful breasts by removing the excess sagging skin.

2. Natural breas-t profile and shape: Breast lift surgery helps to improve the pre-existing breas-t asymmetry and also reduces the size of the areola and helps to elevate the breas-t to a more ideal position. The surgery is mainly performed to reduce or increase the size of the breast using an implant or fat.

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