Post-Pandemic Office Sanitizing Protocols

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The coronavirus variants that continue to sweep through all parts of the world are keeping the pandemic front and center in the news. Companies are still trying to find the NYC office cleaning service with exceptional sanitizing capabilities in hard-hit and high-profile spots like New York City. Even as more is understood and airborne transmission becomes the most significant concern, surface disinfection with the proper products cannot be overlooked. It's about doing the right thing and giving your employees and guests more peace of mind. No one knows what to expect next, and added caution is always wiser.


If your office building has elevators, cleaning and sanitizing them multiple times a day has become more common. They look great at all times as a secondary benefit but are safer and more pleasant for all to use. Many elevator cars are outfitted with expensive wood and metal finishes and need to be maintained with care when disinfecting them. It takes crews with the right know-how and products to do the job well. If you've noticed streaks or smudges where products have been used ineptly, your new contractor can correct it. Be selective about who you hire, and you'll see improved results quickly. 


Since the pandemic's arrival, the best janitorial services have invested in new equipment. It includes broad-spectrum misting equipment to apply antimicrobial products to large spaces uniformly. It takes a technician a fraction of the time to do it with a large machine than it would with a handheld spray bottle. Better equipment improves the efficiency as it controls costs. If your cleaning budget has been strained by the need for added services, a more efficient contractor will help keep it under control. Team cleaning methods for larger offices also reduce the hours required to clean your workspace.


Last but least, don't forget about lunch rooms. They require a higher level of cleaning, preventing unwanted pests, and keeping things clean and sanitary. Whenever food is present, there are additional considerations for your cleaning service – and now you need those areas sufficiently disinfected on a daily basis as well. Make sure you do a thorough walk-through with prospective cleaning contractors to ensure they have seen the lunchroom on your premises and understand the expectations for sanitizing and cleaning it. You'll want special items on their daily work plan about the lunchroom's needs.


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