Lost Ark's bot problem persists

Lost Ark's bot problem has been around for a while, and publisher Amazon Games has taken some steps to address it.

Lost Ark's bot problem has been around for a while, and publisher Amazon Games has taken some steps to address it. On March 4, more than 1 million accounts were banned for running bots, an unprecedented number. However, as mentioned in a recent update to its main issue, bots are still a problem.

"Following the initial wave of mass bans," the update said, "we will continue to roll out additional bans on a regular basis to remove more bots from the game. In addition to this, we are also working on internal methods and tools to enable It's more difficult to get bots into the game, especially at the current rate at which they're being created. These updates are coming to the game soon."

To counter the bot's influence on the Lost Ark in-game market, the rewards for some quests have been changed from Lost Ark Gold required for player-to-player transactions to silver NPCs that are primarily used to pay for items and services. Rapport and Guidance tasks are affected by this change.

One reason Lost Ark's bot issues are significant is that players on EU servers often have to wait in long queues to play. Eventually go online and see what are apparently swarms of bots flashing across the map with identical gear as they travel from quest giver to quest giver.

The update states, "We're excited to share that queues in Europe have become more manageable. This is the result of a number of tweaks we've made behind the scenes, including (but not limited to) improving game stability. We know that for many people stuck in central Europe It's been a long road for players on regional servers, and we'll continue to monitor the situation and improve as much as possible. Like we mentioned above, overcome the bot ban."

Other issues mentioned include recent improvements to the matchmaking system and the addition of a filter that lets players choose the language they want to see in chat. You can bring up the language filter by clicking the + sign to create a new tab in the chat window. Secondly, players need to collect Lost Ark Gold quickly, https://www.iggm.com/ is a reliable choice, players can try to buy Lost Ark Gold here. 


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