The worst part is that the classic time has passed

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It's really sad to see blizzards only half-ass their original reboot. Double speed and the same distribution of loot and increased health of bosses, and the ability to double speed. This recipe is for wow tbc gold loot tension and guild breakdown. Although I don't like buffs for worlds, it's not something I'm looking forward to doing twice as much using the same mechanics. Naxx takes two times as long to obtain the same gear , and it will not be any more satisfying since it doesn't have anything different. The raid is the same like before, etc.

The worst part is that the classic time has passed. I never thought that it would have an enormous number of players, but the cost of cloning characters destroyed it. Since no one wants to waste their time, new players aren't welcomed. It could take months to get leveled, but it's worth the effort when your server isn't working.

Vanilla/classic WoW provides a wonderful chance to create a new WoW while also preserving its history. It is possible to create an OSRS departure , so that we are able to look forward to new updates to the content. It's a bit disappointing to see blizzard do so little for the classic WoW. We don't receive the same amount of attention as our retail customers. I'm very disappointed.

Blizzard legitimately is no longer. It's a shell of Activision, Bobby Kotick money taking advantage of every chance. Expect nothing revolutionary, timeless and will never be seen. It's going to cost money and imagination to cheap tbc gold develop. Take pleasure in TBC, Wrath, and perhaps a SOM in the future. And then, quit. It's not going to get better and there won't be any new things to say.



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