EA stated in the launch build for Madden 22

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In the same vein as the Chiefs having to mut coins madden 22 go into overtime against Buffalo with 13 seconds left in the regulation portion and the final divisional match the Rams were on the cusp of striking a similar blow. In the initial play following the Bengals score and with only 46 seconds remaining, Stafford completed a 73-yard touchdown to Jefferson to further provide L.A. what proved to be an insurmountable lead.

In the second period, the Rams milked the clock with the ground game , while the Bengals offense stalled out and eventually settled for a few doubtful field goals and ultimately, we ended up with the final score of 38-20 in favor from Los Angeles, who become the second team in Super Bowl history to win the game in their home stadium.

Aaron Donald was named Super Bowl MVP after his dominant performance. The star defensive lineman came in thirteen total tackles (four tackles for a loss) and a fumble recovery to score a touchdown.

Much like wire-to-wire the game was a dominant game for the Rams, which they would certainly love to replicate in the actual game. Of course, that'll be much more difficult than it sounds since the Bengals will likely have star receiver, Ja'Marr , Chase to a greater extent than their video game counterparts did as he didn't record his very first catch until halfway through the third

Although an end time hasn't yet been announced, EA stated in the launch build for Madden 22 that the new Ultimate Season model would aim to ensure that each Season would last around 90 days. The game has already introduced 1st Quarter along with 2nd Quarter-specific challenges for Ultimate Season 1, with 3rd Quarter as well as 4th Quarter ones set to buy Madden 22 coins drop in the coming weeks.


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