How to Go from 58-60 in WoW Classic TBC

What's the the best ways to go from 58-60 in WoW Classic? whether you like PvP, play dungeons with friends, or like to be alone, this is the best way for you

What's the the best ways to go from 58-60 in WoW Classic? whether you like PvP, play dungeons with friends, or like to be alone, this is the best way for you.

As a defined type of MMORPG, WoW Classic allows you to elevate to a higher level in many different ways to suit your game style. It's not just about fighting. It is entirely possible to pick flowers all the way to the highest level-just look forward to watching your life pass by you in the process.

How to use PvP to upgrade from 58-60

Throughout Azeroth, you will hear the same advice over and over again: PvP is the way forward. If you want TBC Classic Boosting to reach 60 as soon as possible, face it bravely and fight deadly directly with your companions, this is how you get there.

This is not only a special quick way to get the last two levels, but the honor points you get in the process should provide you with some powerful new weapons and armors to help you on the other side of the Dark Portal. You also don't have to travel the world to find a mission that suits the level. You can only stay in the main city of your camp and line up for the battlefield you like repeatedly.

The best 58-60 dungeon in the World of Warcraft classic

Although finding a player of your level to run the dungeon within a few weeks of the classic game has become easier said than done, the pre-patches of the Burning Crusade helped solve the problem. With so many players suddenly raising the main line and trumpet to 58, finding teams for the last few dungeons of the base game is much easier than before.

Many of these players will not become the absolute pinnacle of the player community, but by using the newly added find group function or joining the guild or server-specific Discord channel, you should be able to easily find other players to trek through the dungeon. The boring equipment of the enhanced character will start to show its problems here, but stick with it and you will come out from the other end with some equipment upgrades. If you are going to the dungeon route, here is the suggested order:

This destroyed town holds a special place in the hearts of experienced Warcraft fans. Either one of its sides is sufficient for the newly enhanced character, and since most of its loot is direct upgrades, there are enough reasons to highlight the sometimes tedious boss fights and thug packs.

This relatively simple dungeon is not only an ideal place to earn loot, but also a great way to get some professional recipes that will come in handy. A player needs a key to enter, but engineers and Rouges can open the lock for their team.

Dire Maul
If the team manages to get a lot of loot in any of the first two dungeons, the slightly more difficult Doom Maul wings may be a good place to get you into the burning expedition.

The best 58-60 mission area in World of Warcraft Classic

If you are trying to organize a group for the dungeon, you will have to rely on 58-60 level old missions. You won't find any advanced equipment in this way, and you may end up struggling early in the Burning Crusade, but if you have no other options, it's better than nothing.

Regardless of which area you decide to invest in the last paragraph, most players will suggest that you check its quest chain until the end to get the rare or epic equipment that they usually reward you for your troubles. Remember: Starting from the TBC pre-patch, missions above level 30 reward more experience points than before, so don't let the story of the last slog of Classic let you down. The following are the best practice areas for 58-60.

As the location of two high-end raids, Silithus is a good choice for tribal players. To get there, just go to Un'Goro Crater and follow the path to the northwest.

Eastern Plaguelands
As the most tried and tested final area for World of Warcraft players, Eastern Plaguelands may be a bit cumbersome and often busy, but its advanced quests and nearby dungeons make it a good choice. Paladins can also turn large numbers of undead enemies into dust.

If you join World of Warcraft at the end of the Burning Crusade, you may have no reason to set foot in Winterspring. Now you have the opportunity to see one of the more beautiful and calmer areas in the classic World of Warcraft.

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