The only negative has to be the way the armour

The only negative has to be the way the armour

The only negative has to be the way the armour (along as all Barrows armor) is degradable. Do you think that this is primarily used for defensive training though? I'll remember that Later on but is there anyone with OSRS Gold any strength recommendations? Have you thought of taking armor and after you've lost your health heal up and put the other amour back on if you want to, then i suggest just a muscles and legs, or something else.

Also, not staring at the computer screen or working even when the fleshies are in agg... is not doing AFKing... Except if you go over 5 minutes. If you're at your computer, you're not in trouble. If you go off for a study session then it's not.

It doesn't even matter. To be truthful since they do autolog you even if you are in combat at say, giant spiders, bandits and all the other AFK'able training spots, I don't think that anyone has been banned and that's not even prohibitable, I'd guess - by being AFK'd. It's not that Jagex is equipped with a video camera of you playing. But, , if you go away, technically you are AFK however, using YouTube while fishing, or doing work while fishing is perfectly fine.

Thanks! That's the kind of answer I was looking for. What I've learned is that if I are still there you are fine. If I go away just for a second to go to the bathroom or for something else and then return, it's okay. If I go on a continuous leave, it isn't alright. It's fine as long as you will not be banned, but it's still technically banned. However, when you consider how difficult it is to prove - I'm pretty sure Jagex does not know if you were surfing forums or something else is irrelevant.

When I'm connected to the computer, is it okay? It's all fine. You will not be banned for AFK training. The whole idea seems ridiculous to me. They're just trying to Cheap RS Gold make you stay in Runescape for as long as is possible. You're not using robots when you AFK train So what's the difference.


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