How many people are involved in the Rocket League?

With a large number of matches available to players regardless of whether they are playing on a PC or a console, it's safe to say that Rocket League is still a popular game.

Rocket League, developed by Epic/Psyonix, is now considered an institution among gamers; despite the game's release in July 2015, it is still widely played in April 2021. Many other popular multiplayer games, including behemoths like PUBG and Fortnite, have debuted during that time period. That raises the question of just how popular Rocket League really is in terms of hard numbers, which is particularly important for newer players who are concerned about finding teammates.

The fundamentals of Rocket League Items are straightforward: two teams of up to four players each compete in a soccer match using rocket-powered cars. There are both single-player and multiplayer modes, but the emphasis is on the latter, which is especially true now that the game has moved to a free-to-play model, which means Epic is now selling a slew of cosmetic DLC to compensate. The game's straightforward controls and family-friendly atmosphere remove any potential age restrictions, while also facilitating easy cross-platform competition across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Indeed, some children are likely to have been playing Rocket League since they were old enough to understand how to use a controller.

Because of Rocket League's multiplatform nature, it is difficult to estimate exact numbers, but there is some concrete information available. Rocket League will officially reach 1 million concurrent online players in September 2020. Epic also revealed that the game had reached a total of 75 million players - how many of those are still active in the game is unclear, however, because it is entirely possible for someone to play once and then abandon the game permanently while still holding an account.

In what way does the Unofficial Rocket League Player Counts Report differ from official data?

According to data compiled by activeplayer. io from a variety of sources, an average of 90.5 million people were playing Rocket League Items at some point during the month of March 2021, with a daily peak of approximately 5.2 million players. As of 5 p. m. Central time on March 31, the site's live player tracker had recorded anywhere between 205,000 and over 290,000 people across all platforms - a figure that is expected to rise further throughout the night. Steam Charts reported that 82,417 people were playing Rocket League at the same time, which isn't too shabby for Valve's store considering that Epic discontinued sales after acquiring Psyonix. The Epic Games Store is the only place where you can get the PC version of Rocket League right now.

Unfortunately, there are no simple methods for calculating Rocket League's player counts based on the type of hardware used. This may have been done on purpose - not only because Rocket League has a shared player pool, but also because doing so may reveal that some platforms are less popular than others. Console manufacturers are notoriously averse to enabling statistics that are not flattering to their products. It is safe to say that Rocket League is still doing well, with plenty of matches available to players across all platforms.

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