My account was initially set up as my main account up to around 75

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Lol? Ddef was released about three months ago, and RuneScape gold the time it was in at about 5M more. Personally, I am unsure. I don't understand why the more GP means more demand, doesn't it? What is the reason an DFS fall because of increased GP? Only way DFS goes down is increased supply, which is unlikely, ora decrease in demand, which then, is not likely because people have extra GP.

It could be because the Dungeoneering shields are becoming more sought-after and Divine also Elysian Spirit Shields are becoming more common and to the point that the majority of RS population (200K+) possess two or more. Also, both are cough-friendly. All Day cough.

Yes, more GP = more demand. However, this PKing system doesn't generate GBP. Instead, the goods themselves are not destroyed but instead soldand reenter the economy. Higher supply means lower cost. Yeap it's well said. The only way Bots will stop is to change and recoding the game. Eg. the new trees south of Fally don't seem to have bots.

Let me know what you guys think about this...I'm 101 combat at the moment with a substantial amount of cash (100mil worth roughly) I'm contemplating maxing it out as I've never had prior to this.

My account was initially set up as my main account up to around 75 when I made the decision that I wanted to be a Ranger. However, I no longer play on it , as PKing is boring and cheap OSRS gold it doesn't produce any the profit. If I choose to go main, I can...



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