How does jawline slimming injections work?

Botulinum toxin is used cosmetically to paralyze the facial muscles. Functionally, this treatment can improve the pain that some people experience in their jaw and also alleviates uncomfortable night grinding.

A wide, square jawline is considered a desirable feature in men, but that's not the case for most women. In fact, a refined jawline can give you the appearance of youth and femininity. It is possible for the jawline to widen and widen over time as a result of repeated use of the masseter muscle or as part of facial changes associated with aging. In that case, here we are going to explain jawline slimming treatment.
Why is the jaw enlarged?
The younger face tends to be wider around the eyes and narrower near the jawline and chin. As we age, our faces widen at the jaw line. It begins to be observed between the ages of 20 and 40 when our masseter muscle enlarges and the distribution of fat in the face begins to change.
This is a concern for many women, especially since the ideal female face is thought to be delicate, oval in shape, and soft in contour. Because of this, many desire a heart-shaped face. A squaring or widening of the lower face and jawline creates a rougher, less feminine appearance.
How does jawline slimming injections work?
The jawline slimming injections are done as an in-office treatment. First, your jaw muscles are evaluated and a personalized treatment plan is determined. A fine needle is then used to place injections in precise areas of your jaw.
These injections weaken the injected muscle over time. Think of botox as a temporary muscle-relaxing effect. A relaxed masseter muscle is slimmed down and the cosmetic effect is a reduction in the jawline.
Who is a good candidate?
Patients who wish to narrow and angle the lower face, particularly anyone who dislikes their face shape due to a thick or square jawline and desires a more feminine appearance.
People who suffer from migraines or tension headaches from grinding their teeth may also benefit. This is because a relaxed masseter muscle helps reduce overall tension in the face.
Many people who grind or clench their teeth may experience bruxism and can certainly benefit from these injections.
When does it take effect?
jaw slimming Botox begins to work immediately after your treatment, but it may take about a week before you start to see results. You should see the improvements continue for the next 3 to 6 months. You can usually schedule follow-up injections every four months to keep your jaw relaxed, which helps shrink your masseter muscle, so your jawline becomes slimmer over time.

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