What POE novice players who want to play Heist need to know

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Although most Path of Exile players now immersed in the current Mayhem epic event, some players are not interested in it but are looking forward to the Endless Delve event that will appear at 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. It is undeniable that GGG’s move this time attracted the attention of most players, but some players still insist on playing POE Heist League to earn a certain amount of POE Currency. As early as September, players who pre-downloaded Heist received an error message, but luckily the game developer had found a solution at that time.

Over the years, as GGG adds a new league to the game every three months, the content of Path of Exile has become more abundant. When the game studio released the POE Heist league, they claimed that robbery movies inspired them with such as Ocean’s Eleven. So far, POE Heist has lasted for almost three months, and the life cycle has come to the end, but there are still many players who still love it very much. In fact, it is not only because of those interesting items and mechanisms that fans admire it so much, but the core is that it creates a new game situation.

At present, newcomers will not have a bug when they download POE Heist because the game team has fixed it. Be aware that this issue even prevented players from accessing the rest of the game in September and forced them to download the entire game again. The solution given by the game team was to let those affected players delete the seed file marked as Content.ggpk by themselves, run the game, let it download the latest patch, and then restart. From there, they can complete the process by pausing the game after checking the resources at the start of the game and putting them back into the .ggpk file.

The specific choice of activities to play depends on the players’ personal preferences. The more exciting Endless Delve event is about to start. If those new players want to try Endless Delve after playing the Heist League, they’d better go to POE Currency Buy and prepare a lot.


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