More handsome than a dress, less revealing than shorts

One arrives summer is fashionable essence big compete go all out of time, on the battlefield that does not have smoke of gunpowder


One arrives summer is fashionable essence big compete go all out of time, on the battlefield that does not have smoke of gunpowder, fashionable essence people came face to face is duel, no matter be sexy hold up a person or dominate the spirit to resist elder sister, it is so let a person dazzle.

So these colocations are not too much for the average woman to borrow, but we can dig out a suit from it however fashionable essence, suit the average woman's sheet is tasted, this sheet is tasted "cool and refreshing trousers".

Smoke tube 'cool pants'

Pants are very popular in recent years, so cigarette pants can take the top, after layers of fashion selection, so that cigarette pants more classic durable look.

The cigarette pants have a neat and generous version design, and the cutting design is also based on simple and clean, so it looks neat and generous, and the "cool" fabric is the feeling of cooling off the summer, which is definitely a good experience.

In recent years, the pipe pants have survived several times, but eventually the nine-point pipe pants have won out and been worn by a number of hipsters and celebrities.

And this summer "cool and refreshing" smoke pipe pants is to obtain the love of people with absolute advantage more, relaxed and clean and agile have model, wear the upper part of the body so not only cool and refreshing summer, still can easily show thin.

Lantern "Cool Pants"

The summer still has this year "bundle crus pants" join in lively, compete with smoke tube pants not only, more gained fashionable plus points with comfort, besides smoke tube pants so, cool bundle crus pants also is right choice.

They have an "elastic band" that forms a lanternlike shape around the ankle, so they look cute and are more down-to-earth than smoke pipe pants, making them more suitable for everyday life.

They are also known as knickerbockers because they are cute and casual at the ankles. From this point of view, sweatpants are also mostly "bloomers", but because they are more loose, they are more flattering to the body.

But there are some bloomers that not only don't look immature, but can easily hide the flesh and look slimmer. You can look stylish with a pair of sneakers. It's too pink.

Wide Leg 'Cool Pants'

Wide-leg pants have always been in fashion, and this summer is no exception. They're not exactly a special item, but they're still making their way into the fashion world.

Wide legs "cool pants" is still a dazzling existence, wearing the upper body can achieve the feeling of walking with wind, so the summer collocation is particularly popular.

Wide-leg pants have a "walk with wind" feeling, so with cool and refreshing fabric collocation is more bring out the best in each other, wearing the upper part of the effect may exceed expected.

But the advantage of wide-leg pants is not only that, wide-leg pants also have the effect of shading the sun and meat. Wide-leg pants can help protect you from direct UV rays in the big sun. They are both practical and attractive.

Wide-leg pants are also a very slim representative, because they have a looser design version, wearing the upper body is not a choice of figure, so it is more popular.

In particular, the straight tube version of the wide leg pants is "fans" many, people like this feeling without a sense of restraint, can cover meat and very comfortable, is simply the collocation in daily life careful machine.

Black "Cool Pants"

Have to say, black is too joker really, no matter you are fat is thin, it is high is short black is not the problem of collocation, let alone skin problem. So black is absolutely versatile, do not know how to match, then choose cool pants is absolutely right.

We learned earlier that the definition of "cool pants" is those pantsuits made of light, light and breathable material. So when choosing black cool pants, we need to pay more attention to the relaxed sense of fabric. That way, even in the big sun, it won't look hot.

Because black looks very hot, had caused pressure to psychology, so when choosing collocation, cannot choose the same "dark and heavy" color, cool and refreshing clean white is a good choice, wearing the upper part of the body is very eye-catching, show thin temperament.Read more at:grey formal dresses | formaldressau


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