I'm now considering the Guthix prayer book

I'm now considering the Guthix prayer book

Lvl 40- blasts: when employed, every 15 minutes people 3 squares round you are pushed away 10 squares farther, stunned, and their run energy is lowered to 0. You are poisoned. Lvl 43- ressurected- when you equip this prayer, each time you die you come back to life and you also shed 1/4 fo all of your stats temporarely. You lose half of OSRS Gold your prayer. When a sword attacks an ally, then the ally becomes diseased. Lvl 55-Virluence: You drain all wellness of enemies in your minimap, stun them, poison, and disease them.Your health is diminished by 25%. Lvl 60- Lichen: every time you hit, you gain half of your assault, and stun your oponent.Your health regeneration is reduced by half and magic will strike half more than normal

I'm now considering the Guthix prayer book. Listed below are my guthix thoughts. As most people say, the zammy ones are too powerful, so I will try to make these ones not strong. Lvl 30-Guthix equilibrium: whenever your health is under 50%, Your competitor gets all of his stats turned to yours and his stats turn into yours. Drains prayer extremely quickly.

Lvl 35- sufferings: Once cursed, weakened or whatever, all ennemies on your minimap get the hex powered 25% greater. Your wellbeing is lowered by the proportion of the hex on the competitions. Lvl 40- Lost: Once used, whoever is struck over 10 will be teleported at a random place in their minimap and will have their items unequipped. Will not work if they do not have te inventory space. Lvl 45-Flesh of the flesh: Will heal the nearest ally about to maximum health, and you are stunned for 10 sec.

Lvl 50- Reversal of fortune: When employed, whoever strikes you bothers you from the amount that they hit and the opponent has struck by what they strike. All allies on your minimap are struck 15. Lvl 55-Sacrifice: Will 1 hit kill any ennemy 3 squares round you and will heal completely any ennemy from the 3 square zone. You are instantly killed. Lvl 60- Forsaken: Will reverse the consequences of any prayer of whoever you are attacking. Your combat stats are reduced by half. To use this, you have to buy cheap osrs accounts have 666 death runes on your stock, historical magicks, all of the god staves, the Iba staff, and have 99 in everything.


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