Cheap Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set

Cheap Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set

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Overall length: 7"

Double-ended: large end (3 rows of bristles) and small end (1 row of bristles)

Versatile cleaning capabilities for hard-to-reach places

Bristle material: nylon

Pack of 10 brushes

Our gun cleaning brush sets will provide you with a variety of tools that are useful for maintaining your pistols, rifles, airbrushes, tattoo equipment and anything else that requires precision cleaning and detailing.

These are a great item, a must for everyone's cleaning kit, never attempt to clean your AR or any weapon without one. These were always a standard item found in military cleaning kits, always glad to have it when I was cleaning my M16A1 or 1911A1 45 caliber pistol.

I got these for cleaning small crevices. Recently took over a home and the tenants never cleaned. These have been a life saver. After using these on my windows handles and locks I no longer have to replace the whole window because of all the filthy grime of cigarette and dog. I used them on my kitchen tile back drop as well, and it got out all the crap in between tiles. So happy I got these.

This is the 2nd time I'm buying these same brushes. They are Made in China,but putting that aside for cleaning both revolvers , semi autos and long guns they work well. They are cheap enough when they start wear or lose their efficiency I just toss them out and grab a new one. They work good with gun cleaning solvents. For the money they are hard to beat. I don't believe in paying extra for brand names when there isn't much if any difference.

Yes, these are for cleaning guns, but all you folks out there with aquariums take note -- these work 9897357634785647574386 times better than a regular toothbrush for cleaning algae and scum from your rocks, powerheads, frags, and generally almost all hard-to-reach areas of your tank. I use them for cleaning in both my reef tank and freshwater planted tank every time I do a water change.

I purchased these for gun cleaning, particularly recoil springs. They've worked well, and I've just sort of come to leave one here and there and everywhere. 10 was more than I needed, but since I have yet to find them at a local gun store, and they were inexpensive, I don't regret the purchase at all. It should work well for most firearm cleaning applications where fouling isn't easily wiped away. The different sizes of brush is a good idea gives more versatility. If you're going to seriously clean firearms often, one (or ten) of these isn't a bad idea. Recommended.

Ok, so they aren't olive-drab...but they look, feel and work just like the old cleaning kit fact, that's why I purchased them! Why pay such rip-off prices on a 'real NSN mil-spec brush', when these are the same...only different colors? Would definitely buy again!

Before I realized how useful this (supposedly "gun brush", patterned after the "famous rifle" kit' brush) thing is for "intended purpose", we put the rest of the kit EVERYWHERE. From use as a bottle brush to reusable containers (these pesky lid's gaskets and their channels), to ... you name it. Well, it's still a GREAT gun brush after all. Very well made. Didn't lose any whiskers yet. Definitely re-ordering!

Stiffer than a toothbrush, but not as splashy. Cleaned flux off circuit boards and didn’t splash the dissolved flux like a firm toothbrush does. Less cleanup afterwards.


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