Arrives Broken

 Collectors: What Should You Do If Your Artwork Arrives Broken?

 Collectors of encumbered art can earn millions, or even thousands of dollars.

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 It is best to buy artwork from a respected gallery or auction house in order to reduce the risk. However, even the most well-respected galleries have been scammed by untrustworthy sellers.

 Professional organizations such as the Art Dealers Association of America, (ADAA) require that ethical standards be met for them to keep their membership.

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 They usually offer a relative safety margin for membership and galleries or dealers.

 You should do your research. Be aware of warning signs such as the inability to provide proof of provenance or refusing to permit an inspection in person.

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 artwork in question.



 Collectors: What Should You Do If Your Artwork Arrives Broken?

 After waiting patiently for the perfect offer, you negotiated the price and then signed the contract for an artwork by an artist that you have admired for many years. So what

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 What happens if the art work arrives at your house with holes in the crate?

 The final piece of art bought from a gallery not the end of the story. It has been taken from the studio of the artist to the gallery (or art fair) where it was

 The piece is now ready to be placed, displayed, and bought. No matter what transport company employed to transport it,

 Every art shipment involves a risk with the fate of the artist and his circumstances.


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