Nice narrative you have attempted to EVE echoes

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Is it really that eve echoes isk good if you guys cant get any strategic victories?Because they are reposting the same thing over and over after deleting their prior threads on precisely the same fight. Least this one has a movie I suspect...The OP literally admits about a few of my other remarks that it was you guys but he left them pull down their posts... you probably would not see it though as you are all so busy downvoting those that disagree with you.You sound salty and for something really small. Have a rest dude, you are getting riled up on a mobile phone match lmao. Also, you know what is worse than down voting those that disagree with you?..

These guys are just living rent free iny'all's heads.Maybe ify'all put in half of the effort that you do brigading into fighting, then perhapsy'all will possess videos with fights like these on reddit too. Until then stay classy.You are getting downvoted since you're bringing nothing to the dialogue.

For a person claiming to be an"outside observer" based on your own message history, you sure do enjoy piling on SHH members, every time that they post... Maybe look into getting a new hobby child this isn't a fantastic style for you.I'm entitled to my own view making out you won when you lost is nicely, the epitome of propaganda. I also couldn't care less about karma so.What component of this is propoganda? The area where SHH just stated the facts, posted a video along with the proof of killmails? Or the area where members of both alliances are congratulating each other on a battle well fought and a station well defended?

Also for an individual who"doesn't care for karma" you sure talk about it a fair sum in every single one of your posts.You're floundering today in your arguments lol.Please help me understand how is it that you're so obsessed with GOOD FIGHTS nevertheless use that logo for your YouTube profile?For anybody who didn't realize it here's a primer. Does the justification sound somewhat like Southerners who claim that stars and bars are simply history?

Let us also remember that one of the leaders was prohibited from an EO championship for racist tropes. This is a skip flame of an alliance.Huh this is intriguing considering the following:I really like this rumor. I was not involved in any shape or form with the alliance tournament you're speaking about. Nice narrative you have attempted to split out. Heck feel free to contact CCP and ask. Go right ahead.It is sort of pathetic that you are trying to attach real life implications into a movie game. Don't you want a break in the shitty year which most men and women seem to EVE Mobile ISK For Sale be having.


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