Making Jung Hae In Nervous, Yoo In Na Senior Spy In 'Snowdrop' Will Bring Shocking Facts?

'Snowdrop' Released A Photo Of The Latest Scene Of Jung Hae In And Yoo In Na

'Snowdrop' Released A Photo Of The Latest Scene Of Jung Hae In And Yoo In Na Which Increased Viewers' Tension. Will The Meeting Between The Two Reveal New, More Surprising Facts?

Ahead of the new episode, " Snowdrop " released a photo of a scene that increased viewers' tension. Not Jisoo BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ), this time Jung Hae In faced Yoo In Na complete with surprising facts behind it.

"Snowdrop" tells the love story of Im Su Ho (Jung Hae In) who suddenly appears covered in blood in a women's dormitory and is rescued by Eun Young Ro (Jisoo). Their romance took place in Seoul in 1987 amid the turmoil of the pro -democracy struggle.

In this drama, Yoo In Na plays Kang Chung Ya, a surgeon who is also mentioned as Nam Tae Il's ( Park Sung Woong ) mistress . After previously sparking suspicion about his relationship with Im Su Ho, now Kang Chung Ya's real identity has been revealed.

In episode 7 of "Snowdrop", Kang Chung Ya changed his behavior and tone of voice when introducing himself as Moranbong No. 1. Kang Chung Ya said, "I'm Kang Chung Ya, head of the surgical department at Korea Medical Center, who came on orders to send my comrades to the North safely. In our country. I'm called Moranbong No. 1."

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In the latest stills, Kang Chung Ya and Im Su Ho sit opposite each other in the waiting room in the dim light to share their opinions about the hostage situation. Kang Chung Ya's confident attitude and expression after revealing his true identity in the last episode is the opposite of Im Su Ho's gesture. There, Im Su Ho showed signs of being nervous.

With the emergence of this latest scene, the audience's curiosity is increasing. Previously there had been suspicions that Kang Chung Ya was Im Su Ho's ex-girlfriend. So that viewers are looking forward to the facts that will be revealed about their past relationship, especially with Kang Chung Ya's position as a senior spy.

In addition, Kang Chung Ya's actions in the upcoming episode also make viewers wonder. Viewers are looking forward to what Kang Chung Ya will do when he meets the students at the Hosoo Women's University dormitory, Nam Tae Il, Jang Han Na ( Jeong Yoo Jin ) who don't know his identity.

In the upcoming 8th episode, Young Ro faints after hearing the death of his older brother Lee Kang Moo ( Jang Seung Jo ) who secretly moves to stop the hostage-taking. The unexpected situation in "Snowdrop" can be witnessed today, Saturday (8/1) at 22.30 local time.

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