IoT in Analytical Instrumentation Market Top Impacting Factors To Growth Of The Industry By 2020-2030

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Blower Device Manufacturers Upgrading Production to Fulfil Demand from Several Industries

A blower is an equipment used to increase the velocity of air or gas when it passes through equipped impellers. The primary use of blowers includes exhausting, aspirating, cooling, ventilating, and conveying. They are also popularly known as centrifugal fans in several industries. Blowers market are mainly designed for industries that require moderate pressure in conditions where pressure is more than the fan and less than the compressor. The fan in the blowers rotates and vacuums the air in the suction section. The trapped air is then pushed into the outlet side. For industrial applications, blowers are classified as centrifugal and positive displacement blowers. Similar to fans, blowers use blades in multiple designs such as backward-curved, forward curved, and radial. They can be single or multistage units. A blower finds utilization in a broad range of industries such as water treatment plants, oil gas, food processing, and cement, among many others. Thus, the blower market is anticipated to grow across the world during the forecast period.

Centrifugal blower uses the centrifugal force generated by a rotating disk, with blades rotating at right angles to the disk. These blowers use a rotating impeller to move air first radially outwards by centrifugal action, and then tangentially away from the blade tips. The speed rises as the air reaches the ends of blades and is then transformed to pressure. Most fan manufacturers are designing fans that can produce high pressure, making them suitable for harsh operating conditions. The present-day blower can generate a substantial volume of air with a slight vibration in a confined space. Centrifugal blowers are commonly used in applications such as boiler fans, combustion blowers for furnaces, rolling mills, dust collectors, bag filters, suction blowers, and exhaust blowers. These factors are likely to drive the blower market during the forecast period.

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Halt in End-use Industrial Production Negatively Impacts Demand for Blowers

The outbreak of COVID-19 has turned into a global pandemic, growing at an unprecedented speed and scale. No industry was immune and industrial equipment was no exception. The blower market is grappling with the immediate impact of COVID-19, as both manufacturing and supply chain operations are being disrupted and consumer operations faced similar challenges. This had an exponential impact down the whole supplier network, knocking blower manufacturers with a lag, but at full force nonetheless. Additionally, the spread of coronavirus has introduced new challenges that needed to be addressed quickly, including worker absence, restricted site access and collaboration, and travel limitations. The government implemented lockdown across the world resulted in heavy distress for end-use industries to procure goods and services. However, as the lockdown is being lifted in several regions, industries started their production at full capacity. However, in some countries, COVID-19 issues are still strong and market restoration are expected to take a while.

The pandemic has made a severe impact on the demand for blowers, as major nations limited or shut down their manufacturing and industrial trades. The end-use industries faced several economic challenges, which limited their expenditure on blowers. Industries and key leading businesses are planning their next plans with reference to ongoing pandemic restrictions and safety of their stakeholders. Moreover, many are focusing on mitigating the risk of any future disruption for their and customers’ business. As pandemic is nearing its end in most countries, end-use industries are expected to increase the production to flatten the demand curve. With the rapid pace of vaccination in most countries, the markets are opening with safety regulations, which are likely to drive the demand for the global blower market during the forecast period.

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Advanced Features, Robust Quality of Innovated Blowers Fuel Market Growth

In industrial operations and facilities, air movement is a significant part of the process. Air handling fans maintain operations and ambient air in the vicinity. New designs to build centrifugal fans specifically for industrial clean air handling applications are attracting new industries toward the global blower market. Moreover, currently, several industrial processes rely on high-temperature process heat. Operations such as heat-treatment, stress relieving, industrial furnaces, and ovens use convection to circulate heated air within the chamber. These process airstreams require specially designed centrifugal fans. Fans not properly designed for this purpose will catastrophically fail when used at temperatures above their design. This provides better future opportunities for blower manufacturers. Furthermore, blowers are increasingly being used for sewage aeration, pneumatic conveying, gas boosting, filter flushing, and all kinds of petrochemical industrial applications. This provides new opportunities for the global blower market in the upcoming future.

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