Garmin Vivosmart Watch Review

Connected watches are invading the markets more and more, and they are more and more in demand by customers

Connected watches are invading the markets more and more, and they are more and more in demand by customers. Moreover, there are several brands working in the field, there are also several models of different ranges on the market. Sometimes you don't know which one to choose. Connected watches bring new things with their features including the integrated GPS which allows you to count the number of steps you have taken, the distance covered, the pace ... you can also connect it to your smartphone to be able to receive calls, messages ...

If you are looking for a good connected watch I invite you to continue reading our article in which we will offer you some Garmin watches , you will find the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these watches. This will help you get a clearer idea of ​​which watch to choose. So let's take a closer look at these watches.

Our opinion on the best Garmin Vivosmart watches
Garmin Vivosmart HR
The watch we have in front of us is a connected watch from the Garmin brand. It is quite a different model from normal watches, and from the one we are used to seeing. In fact, it's a very discreet, light and thin watch that you don't even feel its presence around your wrist. This design may not appeal to everyone but it is still very simple and perfect for everyday wear. This watch therefore displays heart rate, number of steps taken, distance, calories, levels climbed and intensity of activity. This will allow you to know the progress of your session. That's not all, thanks to the Smart notification you will be able to receive SMS, calls, emails ... but you must first connect the watch to your phone, moreover, it is compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows smartphones. In addition to being practical and efficient, this watch is solid, so it is resistant to drops and water, contact with water is not likely to destroy it, you can even swim with it.

Screen: 2 inch OLED

Black color

compatibility: iPhone, Android and Windows

Bluetooth 4.0
Case shape
It is a very practical and very light watch, comfortable to wear

It is compatible with all smartphones even those running Windows

It is equipped with several features that make your life easier

Loses synchronization with smartphones sometimes

Its interface is quite basic and simple

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