Players want the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update to add content

Players want the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update to add content

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a year since its release last year, during which time it has achieved great success. This is because it helps players escape from reality to enjoy a peaceful, peaceful and happy life. Players from all over the world can pass the time through games during the isolation period, and they can build their own tropical islands according to their preferences in New Horizons. At first, games can bring players a lot of fun, but as players spend more and more time in the game, they quickly run out of content, and they begin to complain about the lack of content of the game.

Although Nintendo promised to support New Horizons for two years, since the summer of 2020, ACNH has introduced swimming and diving without proper game updates. Of course, there have been many holiday updates, and although most of these events are fun for the first time, players are disappointed to see that they look the same this year. This year's Bunny Festival is exactly the same, only a few new items have been added. A major update of New Horizons is urgently needed, and it needs to add a lot of content to get players back into the game.

The most important update that should be made to New Horizons is actually basic. For example, Able Sister's store needs a shopping cart. Up to now, in order for players to buy one more thing, they have to Buy Animal Crossing Bells go in and out of the fitting room every time. When the player wants to buy items in multiple colors, this process will last a long time. Using the shopping cart, players can select multiple items to purchase at once. This mechanism is also very suitable for buying Nook Miles tickets. When players want to go hunting, they can only buy one ticket at a time, and each purchase has to go through the selection menu, which wastes a lot of time for players.

Many features of previous games in the series have been excluded from New Horizons, so the game can benefit by adding some older features. One such feature that fans are increasingly impatient with is Brewster and his cafe. In other Animal Crossing games, Brewster's cafe The Roost is where the K.K Slider performs, where players can enjoy a cup of coffee. Nintendo should add Roost back to the museum as it did in the past, or build a completely independent cafe building that players can own on their island. The update should also include things like Tortimer's Island from New Leaf. This may be an island that the player can go to alone, or it may be playing mini games with friends or exploring new stores. There is very little place to go in New Horizons, so such an addition would be very welcome.

Nintendo can also add new stores for characters such as Kicks or Label. They can expand the museum with new fish, bugs, artwork and fossils. The Nook's Cranny should also see some new expansions. Of course, in addition to bugs and fish, players also need to interact more with villagers. New Horizons can add gameplay updates, such as farming, players can cultivate more plants, not just pumpkins. Or by providing villagers with brand new Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket activities such as hide and seek and other mini games.

Although Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a huge success since its launch a year ago, it has exceeded all expectations. But Animal Crossing should be a game that players can enjoy for years, rather than playing all the game content after a few days. Nintendo should update the game content as soon as possible. If there have been no major updates, players will most likely switch to other better games instead of continuing to play New Horizons games.


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