Details about Path of Exile Patch 3.16.2b

Recently, GGG released Path of Exile patch 3.16.2b.

Path of Exile has been popular for a long time. GGG launches a new extension every quarter to increase the freshness of players. This also stimulates players’ desire to buy POE Currency to improve their capabilities.

Recently, GGG released Path of Exile patch 3.16.2b. Although some players prefer to stay in the standard league, especially if they want stability and casual games. They gain more advantages by spending POE Currency.

When the new league starts, the map on the atlas will change the region. Therefore, if the player wants to move on, they must convert the old series to the new series. If the player does not know, this problem exists in Standard, even if they click the “Convert” button, they cannot convert the old map to the new map. The developers of Grinding Gear Games knew about this issue for a long time, but they didn’t fix it until recently. This has won the praise of many players.

Now, the functionality of this type of storage has been changed to resolve this issue. There are a few things to remember. The first map storage purchased by the player with POE Currency will be automatically converted into a map series that supports the current league. Assuming that the player’s repository is not empty when the new league starts, all maps stored there will be changed to “delete only”. Don’t worry, they will get a new product set for the latest series.

If the player still has at least one non-delete-only storage set as the current series, he can only change the series on the map storage. This means that if they only purchased maps, they cannot set up map storage to store old maps.

The cost of the map is not low. Players who want to increase the number of maps they own can POE Currency Buy at POECurrency to get them. Recently, they are offering an 8% discount event. This is a Christmas carnival. Players can try it if they need POE Currency.


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