How do i speak to someone about hotmail?

How do i speak to someone at Hotmail?

Operative ways to speak with Hotmail customer service


Hotmail helps you send or receive emails to individuals and your business. Hotmail can face technical problems, and for that, you can contact customer service to fix the issue. To speak to someone at Hotmail, you can choose the different ways which are mentioned below:


Speak through phone call:


  • You need to open your Hotmail account using the correct email id and password on your device.
  • Then, you need to navigate the help page given in the menu section and select the topic for assistance.
  • With this, you will get the different options to speak with the representative. From the various ways, select the call option.
  • You need to dial the given toll-free phone number and press the button as per the instructions.
  • Your call will connect with a suitable representative for the assistance and speak with them regarding your issues.


Speak through chat:


On the Hotmail help page, you will find the chat option through which you can start a live discussion with the virtual agent. You can gain valuable information from them effectively as the customer service is 24 hours available for support.


Speak through email:


With the help of email, you need to compose a mail of your problem and send it to the Hotmail customer service email id. You can find the answer for how do I speak to someone about Hotmail through the mail. The official email of Hotmail is available on their help section, and get the answer within 24 hours of the request.


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