I looked at my inventory

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I looked at my inventory and recall having my entire rune, diamond amny, gloomy team, (to match my blue phat) green cape, gloves and boots. But was like where are my blue green and OSRS gold pink phats?? . So I was wondering, is there some thing I need to do so as to acquire all my items back? He had been banned before rs2 came out, therefore his things had to been moved to rs2 when it did come out. Because I have gotten other reports unbanned for rs2 which were banned in rsc, and they had there masks and materials.

Why wouldnt he have his good stuff on rs2? But he had all of the nooby stuff. I know he wasn't hacked since the ip was exactly the same as I last logged in before I got banned. Please stop saying he was hacked, he was not. I looked in the"last logged in from ip. ." Along with I logged in 1300 days past. Which clearly was once I got banned. So being hacked isn't a possibility.

I am 97 Combat, and I'm going to Cheap RS gold get 99 Defense. I now have 83, but I don't understand the best places to train. 77 Attack, 76 Strength, 83 Defense. Abyssal Whip. Dragon SQ Shield/Rune Defender/Holy Book. Dragon Gloves.


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