How to change Hotmail password on computer?

Check to change Hotmail password

Nothing is safe in this world, starting from your bank locker, house, office, and even your email IDs. Generally, everything can be gained access to, and this is because of the introduction of some special software that can help criminal minded people hack into anyone’s account.

Hotmail Account Password

You might have noticed that every time you access your net banking, your email id, etc, you will receive an email or message notification, if you have checked for receiving notification. Every time when you or someone else tries to access your Hotmail account, you will automatically receive a notification email to the alternative account and also to your mobile. If it is you, then there is nothing to worry about. You should start worrying when it was not you who accessed your account.

How to Change Password on a Hotmail Email Account

When you receive an alert in your phone regarding hacking of your Hotmail account, then your first line of defense is to Sign in to your Hotmail account and change the password to something complicated, or not-easy-to-guess letters and alphabets.

Step-1: Log on to Hotmail account

Step-2: Click on “More mail settings” option

Step-3: Check the “account detail” option that contains addresses, password and time zone changing option.

Step-4: Now type the current password and new password in the respective boxes.

While creating a password, make sure that the new one is not your or your dear ones birthdates, anniversaries, etc. Try something new and unique. If you do not know how to follow these steps, then visit the Hotmail support for the help or visit Hotmail password reset help page.

You can easily find the Outlook guide from either MSN portals or from the Emails Crunch.

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