When I'm lost on a lost road alone

When I'm at my lowest everything becomes a fire that burns the surroundings. Words are no longer believed, hope is no longer there, everything lies dormant in the gloom of maturity. It's just a wrong step not because of his maturity but the steps taken towards the west which sh

Often I hear the words of scholars, motivators, priests and even figures who inspire, don't go wrong, you will get lost. Maybe this is what I feel now. But surely every error there is a way that directs us to the right direction. Turning towards the crossroads that lead us astray or looking for shortcuts to the truth.

Turn around whether later we will be sure to find the right path. Looking for a shortcut whether we are sure that is the path we want. Getting lost in life is almost the same as when we get lost at a crossroads to the person's house. So, is it the same way to justify our misguidance in life and the misguided journey.

A silly question. But here's the story. But I always believe that every error there must be a way to the truth. Why? Because from the beginning we look for the direction of the goal we are going. Later, just because of a wrong turn or wrong step, what direction is achieved is different.

It occurred to us that we might return the initial intention in our hearts to what direction we want to achieve. Keep going with the guidance of those who know the direction we want to go.

But this makes me confused and pensive again. Should we always follow the direction of the guidance of those who know for sure that person really knows the direction we want to achieve. Just logical if he knows the way to his house.

Am I stupid in thinking or is it my wrong way of thinking?

Life is complicated from the beginning of the story I am you and you are you. All that we are headed from the beginning whether we already know the way. Or just hope that the goals we achieve are met.

So from here it occurred to me again. Does everyone in this world have a goal that he wants to achieve in life they have bagged the way. Loh ... if they really know the way and the direction then there will be a problem of logic alone he knows the path he has achieved in his life is very difficult to turn and turn like bends and potholes and is difficult to pass then they will look for other destinations. I hope you choose.

Hodo San

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