New World: War Hammer can give players a better experience

New World: War Hammer can give players a better experience

In New World, War Hammer is very much like a giant axe. It is good for PvE but more useful for PvP. It may be a slow weapon, but it also provides plenty of crowd control options between the two trees. Juggernaut Tree provides many single target New World Coins options, and Crowd Crusher provides a lot of AoE.

War Hammer is usually only used in PvP, and even so, it is almost not because of its slow attack and long activation time for many of its skills. Its most powerful use case is to cause severe damage in large-scale PvP situations, such as organized factional attacks and wars, in which case high crowd control and AoE work best.

For early levels, players should prioritize Shockwave and Crowd Crusher Tree’s Path of Destiny to take full advantage of its AoE potential, using Armor Breaker or Mighty Gavel as a powerful single target option for more powerful targets. In PvP, the situation is roughly the same, although the New World Coins Buy wrecking ball may provide more than just a path to fate.

Similar to the Great Axe, War Hammer depends entirely on power. It is best matched with a weapon like an axe, which lacks AoE and a lot of crowd control. It can also be used with things like swords and shields, focusing on absorbing damage and crowd control. Players can even pair it with Great Axe to make up for its weakness of low mobility.

Juggernaut Tree focuses more on the damage of a single target, with only one AoE skill. Between the single-target skills and the armor penetration provided, it can certainly maintain its position in the 1v1 situation of PvE and PvP. The skill of Juggernaut’s Tree consists of armor-breaker, powerful mallet, and wrecking ball. By the way, players can purchase cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to pursue greater progress.


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