What will appear in Madden 21 Autumn Blast

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In The Most Feared MUT promo, which just ended, many players got their favorite player cards or player items by spending MUT 21 Coins. And after they added these players to the team lineup, the consequence of the obvious increase in overall strength was that they won more and more games. Now they are more interested in EA’s next event, which is the Thanksgiving Day event. As we all know, Thanksgiving is a major day for the National Football League in the past, just like the NBA will host important games on Christmas Day.

So far, although players don’t know the specific date of the event, it should probably be around the 26th of this month, which is the date of Thanksgiving. If we can trace any traces, the promotion will start sometime next week. We expect Madden 21 Autumn Blast to adopt the previous Thanksgiving promotion format, such as Harvest. At least, it will be similar. This means that Autumn Blast may contain a lot of different content.

The Thanksgiving promotion in Madden Ultimate Team has always brought some quality players into the long history of the game. Most players guess that Madden 21 Autumn Blast should be like the past. They exposed Tony Romo as the cover star of the promotion, and he will definitely become the player of choice for many players. Second, the interesting thing about the All-Star Game is that the number of these cards can be increased to 92 OVR, depending on whether the player has completed the Thanksgiving NFL game challenge.

Just like the Thanksgiving Day harvest, Autumn Blast may provide daily challenges, solo challenges, and challenges that players must unlock by completing Autumn Blast content. These challenges provide short-term rewards and long-term rewards so that players continue to work hard to get a steady stream of MUT Coins. Novice players should go to GameMS to Buy some Cheap Madden 21 Coins before entering the game, otherwise they will not even have the ability to complete those challenges.


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