People are Changing

 One year into the Pandemic People are Changing What They Wear. Here are the reasons.

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 One year into the Pandemic People are Changing What They Wear. Here are the reasons.

 Devin Daly Huerta began to make his New Year's Vision board collage earlier this year, just as each January he creates his collage. The United States was still under the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, but there was news of a vaccine, and Daly-Huerta was optimistic about the future. He created an image board with his career goals and travel destinations he would love to visit, and wellness habits he wanted to incorporate into the year. The first time, however he added an "style" section to the equation.

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 "For me it's about taking an honest look and asking, 'What's most important to me right now?'" he says. It was a matter of re-create his post-pandemic identity by wearing clothes.



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