How do I speak to a live person at British Airways?

How can I talk to a customer support person at British Airways?


For meeting the customer’s queries, British airways come with different ways to speak to them. If you don’t know much about it, you don’t have to worry about it; here in this blog, you can learn about the methods with the process. 

Ways to talk to British airways customer support person 

Dial the phone number
After that, select language by pressing 1 or 2
Now you will carefully go through the IVR steps
Now press 9 for connecting your call with to speak to a person at British Airways representatives for support
At last, press 1 for "YES", after a few seconds, the call will get connected with a
live executive for your help

British customer support phone number

With a phone number, you are getting solutions that are easy to direct, and you can better understand the answer from the person. You will be provided with the numbers that are based on the issues you are facing. Even for executive club members, special numbers operate throughout the day. 

British customer support chatbot option 

With a chatbot, you can know about the process of booking and refund status, and much more. But, this all will come up with the text only, so you can send messages. Here some on-screen instructions will be there; follow them. 

British customer support Social media 

The social media option is for you when the above two are not working for you. You can expect a quick response like in phone and live chat. However, sometimes your query is solved by the automated system and sometimes by a real person. 

Now, you must grab the methods to know How to speak to a live person at British Airways. All the discussed method are customer-oriented, and for this reason, it is available throughout the day. 


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