All Possible Methods to Add Discord Spoiler Tag

There are lots of methods to add a discord spoiler tag on text messages and images. You can add spoiler tags using the eye icon, also adding some symbols before and after the message. All you can read in this blog.

Discord has slowly become one of the best platforms for people to create groups and chat with friends and family. This platform was earlier used by professional gamers and other personnel but these days, everyone has been using this brilliant platform to interact with people. 

It is often seen that users sometimes drop a spoiler every now and then, which may spoil the fun for others. This is why Discord came up with the spoiler tag feature. This allows users to mark a part of the message or all of it. 

Read this blog till the end to know about how a user can add a spoiler tag in Discord with ease.  

Steps to mark spoilers on Discord

Given below are some methods and cases that can help you to mark the message as a spoiler.

Method 1: 

First, you will need to figure whether you want to select a part of the message or all of it. in case you want to hide a part of the section, simply click on the eye part and this will get the job done. 

Method 2: 

In case you want to hide the whole message, you will need to type /spoiler at the starting of the message and then hit the enter key. 

Method 3: 

In case you are looking to hide an image, you will need to upload the image and the option will appear on your screen immediately. 

Method 4:

For an IOS, you will need to add the vertical bars at the start and end of the message to hide it without much fuss. 

For any more info or queries regarding the same, you may contact the help and support team of Discord to get answers to your queries.

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