New World: A brief history of ghost ships that players should know

New World: A brief history of ghost ships that players should know

Recently, many players have discovered ghost ships in New World while fishing. It takes the form of an old-fashioned sailing ship, emitting a weird green light. No one seems to be on board this ship, just like a ghost ship in real life. It was found in the First Light of the Saircor Bridge at night, although it usually disappears quickly when it appears.

Although this New World Coins Buy ship may scare the fish away, most players seem to think that this is a fair deal to have a chance to witness such a rare event. Like many aspects of New World, the ghost ship seems to be based on real-life myths and real-life tragedies. There are two types of real ghost ships: one is an abandoned ship drifting without a living crew, and the other is a ghost ship sailing under unknown power.

One of the most famous ghost ships in real life is Mary Celeste, which was found completely abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean on December 4, 1872. However, New World’s ghost ship seems to be based on a more supernatural ship, a ship from a European sailing legend destined to sail forever. New World is not the first video game to add a ghost ship, but it is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious games.

According to legend, the Flying Dutchman was a ship that was cursed for some reason and could never reach the New World Coins port. Some versions say that the captain sold his soul to the devil or bet his soul on the devil, while other versions say that murder and plague took away the crew and allowed the ship to continue sailing without them. Although the ghost ship of New World is largely a mystery, some hints in the legend indicate that this ship is another version of Flying Dutchman.

Curious players can find three legends scattered in Aeternum, they seem to refer to the ghost ship should be a ship that tried to sail away from Aeternum a long time ago and failed. Flying Dutchman painting decoration items also appeared in the game, which players can place in their own homes. In addition, players can also purchase safe and cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to enhance their overall strength.


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