Players with disabilities are prohibited from using macros to play Path of Exile

Players can spend a lot of time on a character to get the most suitable equipment.

Due to physical disabilities, some players cannot play Path of Exile normally, so they will use macros to help them complete tasks. But Path of Exile does not allow this behavior, so they banned the accounts of these disabled players. In recent years, many game studios have made great strides in increasing accessibility, which is a good thing for more people to play their favorite games. Although there are still many advancements in the entire industry, ensuring the balance between players is always something that all game teams need to do their best.

Players can spend a lot of time on a character to get the most suitable equipment. Reddit user poelegalthrowaway00 posted to the legal advisory subreddit, asking whether it is worth hiring a lawyer after the game that uses macros to activate its flask proceeds is banned. The player explained that after an industrial accident, the fingers of one hand or the other were useless. For them, it is impossible to play Path of Exile smoothly without using Flask Booster, which makes this special situation very tricky because the macro used by the player technically violates the game's terms of service.

Players in the post comment said that they contacted the support team of Path of Exile before using the macro and received a template email indicating that no macro can perform multiple operations. Players also pointed out that this will make the increasingly popular POE Currency, or the upcoming Path of Exile sequel more difficult. Players with disabilities are in a difficult situation, but if there are no macro instructions, players will not be able to play games, which is undoubtedly a problem.

Grinding Gear Games hopes to find a reasonable solution that will enable them to smoothly play the Path of Exile game by communicating with groups of disabled players. Once the plan is implemented, anyone can enjoy the charm of the way of exile without worrying about their account being banned. They can also buy poe currency on, in order to maximize their gaming experience.


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