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In order to collect evidence, remember what your client is being accused of rs2007 gold. If it's Burglary, it will be at a residence, and if it was theft, it would be in a public area and if it was fraud, it will be at home or the public, scamming, would be in some difficult to locate location like a trapdoor. if it was murder it could be in an apartment, public area, or hidden place. Search for clues like damaged windows or notes, hidden trapdoors and disguises, fingerprints, and you may need to speak with witnesses, or why would someone have been killed. If you believe you have gathered all the evidence required, you can go back to the court.

The proof of your client's guilt: to prove your client's guilt, you must have the upper hand in court near the entire time, don't change the story, make sure you know who actually did the crime and why. The evidence you gather may prove to be very important in court.

Rewards levels and reward levels. Your client will be paid for every time he or is found innocent. The amount you receive will depend on your level. There are five levels. When you've finished one level, you can move on to the next one or keep at with it. Each time you finish an instance, the client will also be required to give an item of the suit. The suit includes...

Beautiful boots, suit top, fancy pants, Proper gloves, and a leather briefcase. The suit you wear when you have entire set (including brief case) is a Ring the charos ((a)) in court. If you own the set and the ring (a)), you will always win. The suit that you receive is mentioned above. Send us comments and tell us what you think.

Stealing Creations Changes. Jagex must first eliminate the summoning stuff in the Creation Kilns weapons slot. Create a new slot specifically for Summoning. This is what you can make: Scroll - this is applicable to all creatures, but every creature is unique and has its own unique moves. Sacred Graahk is a familiar move, similar to the ones in Stealing Creation. Special move is similar to buy fire cape osrs the one we have today.


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