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A few times you get tired from the work stress and can’t get the holidays. But, when you get the leaves, where do you want to spend these restful days? Want to go to the north side of India to enjoy the snow? or want to go on trekking, adventure camps, or jungle safaris to let out your inside fear?

Well, both have different experiences in exploring India. The snow lands are mostly cold, and a few times, some people do not want to go because of getting too wintry. As a result, such people choose to experience the jungle side of India

Things you can enjoy on Jungle Safari

Surprisingly, most people visit Madhya Pradesh as it has a few tiger resorts and the famous one is Kanha Tiger Resorts. You can see the pure nature surroundings that will give you inside peace. Warm bonfire evenings that make your moment unforgettable. And an experience that will last long with you for the rest of your life in this resort by Kanha safari bookings
Furthermore, it provides the Jungle Safari to the people or tourists as well. However, you have to book your jeep jungle safari from Kanha safari bookings. The jungle safari lovers like this spot as it has 18 rooms with up-to-date amenities and is spread under 55 acres.

Best time to visit 

People can make plans to enjoy their vacations from mid-October to the end of June. Moreover, if you are planning to experience the best bonfire winter cool evenings, you should come between November to Mid-January. Besides that, you can have beautiful dinings at a few lake-facing restaurants these days. 

Also, from March to May, as compared to winter days, you can see more tigers on the safari. It provides the best wildlife photography sessions from March, April, and May. Numerous wildlife photographers can come and enjoy their time these days by capturing the wild -photographs.


Rainy days are not so comfortable to travel in the jungles. Even so, most safari lovers wait for the monsoon to go and winter to come. Thus, we have mentioned the best time to visit the Jungle Safaris offered by the Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India. 

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