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We had masks and gloves on, remembers Hay. Anna has always been so generous with information about cuts and silhouette and material. Online there are no rules, but what I share with the world is only what works for me. Case in point: I recently bought a pair of men's heels from Gucci I have huge feet so I often find myself buying men's shoes though it turns out they make the style for women, too that are basically a fun take on the ones my dad would wear.

The B Corp process reinforced Another Tomorrow's strengths-supply-chain transparency, animal welfare, chemical management-and revealed areas that could use attention, like engaging with the brand's local community and creating jobs. That feedback spurred a partnership between Another Tomorrow and Custom Collaborative, a program that trains and empowers women from low-income and immigrant communities in New York to design, sew, and sell sustainable clothing.

And after it was tweeted, memed, and debated across the internet with record speed, I was intrigued. You've maybe heard the adage that people and their pets start to resemble each other over time Well, in these crazy COVID-19 days, it Golden Goose Sale seems that some people's wardrobes and interiors are similarly morphing.

We thought about 3-D printing, the designer explains. Rombaut teamed up with Zellerfeld, a Brooklyn-based tech startup that not only prints components to shoes but whole shoes in one fell swoop. After last season's showroom at NYFW, Peoples Wagner and her BIFC cofounder Sandrine Charles were flooded with emails from Black designers looking for support; choosing the 16 that will be represented at NYFW was a concerted effort to show the breadth of Black talent in the industry. It's never really about them having a certain amount of sales, winning awards, or anything like that, Peoples Wagner said.


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